Any finance consultant worth his salt would advise that if you own a sizeable amount of assets, its best to leverage on it to create further wealth. For decades the premium advice has always been to put your money away in some form of interest yeilding savings account with your bank or investment firm. However, the traditional finance system has been riddled with flaws that leave many people watching their investment lose value, or at best grow at snail-speed. In the same vein, data integrity, security of funds, financial inclusion, and access to credit remains below-par across the globe.


Since the turn of the decade, the global finance sphere has turned on its head. The first wave of change was the advent of internet banking in the early 2000s. And when Bitcoin burst on the scene, albeit after its slow start, it completely disrupted the finance world. Little did we know that it was only the beginning of the radical wave of digital transformation.

Ever since Cryptocurrency took the world by storm, each time it pops up on the news, it almost always leaves you thinking, “Uhm… what’s going on here?”

So, in March 2021, when it was announced…

As far as cryptocurrencies and alternative payment methods go, there are a gazillion options to choose from. But, what makes Ethereum stand out is that it is not just a payment platform but also a decentralized network of computers running on a blockchain that helps developers to build, facilitate and publish decentralized applications with a common programming language.

Brief History of Ethereum.

The history of Ethereum begins in the early days of the Crypto market, in 2013 when Canadian-Russian programmer Vitalik Buterin published a whitepaper document describing the technical design and functionalities of the Ethereum concept.

In the paper, Buterin describes Ethereum as “a…

Ibrahim Ajibade

Neo-Classical Economist, Finance Analyst that believes the Blockchain is humanity's most remarkable invention since the Wheel.

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